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"lol im marci and i have SO MUCH MONEY i can literally pay my anxiety to go away"

literally tho it’s just that easy


AMOYAMO / Zipper 2013-11

[passive aggressive anon voice] only poor people have mental problems. wah wah why is this person talking about their problems on their blog that i can easily unfollow or ignore. i must MAKE THIS CONCERN ME. PASSIVE AGGRESSIVELY

hey that’s such a good anon imitation

my name is marci and im a fucking badass and anons dont know shit

tru 8)

My name is Marci and my life is perfect but I like to complain to seem special. I have shoes worth more than what people have to spend on food in a month but for some reason I still feel suicidal. Shut the fuck up, bitch.

sorry lmao i guess instead of taking my medication i will just cuddle my shoes since that will make me feel better


Strawberry Roll Cake


Strawberry Roll Cake